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How to Clean Bathroom

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How to Clean Bathroom

How to Clean BathroomIn cleaning the bathroom there are some parts of the bathroom needs to be cleaned in different ways. This is due in the bathroom there is some furniture made of different materials, therefore it needs a different treatment in cleaning the bathroom furnishings. How to clean the bathrooms can be done in several stages as follows:
How to Clean Bathroom 
  • Preparation Cleaning the Bathroom
  • Surface Cleaning Section and furnishings Bathroom
  • Maintaining Cleanliness Bathroom With How To Use With Wisdom

Preparation Cleaning the Bathroom
1. Moving Equipment Shower Is Not Included Bathroom Furniture
cleaning the bathroom
Toiletries need to be moved include towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, washlap, nand other tissues. The purpose of this move toiletries to maximize the process of cleaning the bathroom and keep the toiletries are exposed to dirt when cleaning the bathroom. Please remember to return it to the place of bathroom equipment originally after the entire process of cleaning the bathroom is complete.
2. Put Liquid Cleanser In Toilet
how to clean a bathroom
By inserting a cleaning liquid into the toilet was first intended to be a more efficient, so the wait time to work cleaning fluids can be used to clean the bathroom in the other. Ensure good air circulation in the bathroom, because the cleaning fluid issuing aroma and is not good for health. We recommend using a mask and gloves when cleaning the bathroom using cleaning fluid such as a form of prevention to avoid inhalation and skin exposed.
3. Clean Dust On Surface Bathroom Furniture And Parts.
bathroom cleaner
The bathrooms were rarely cleaned sometimes there are dust and cobwebs clinging to the furniture, walls and ceiling of the bathroom. Therefore, this dust need to be cleared before cleaning furniture or parts of the bathroom. In cleaning the bathroom should be done from the top of the first and then the lower part. To clean this dust could use the vacuum cleaner or use a broom.
4. Sowing Detergents Cleaners In Furniture And Parts Bathroom
I clean the bathroom tiles
By wetting the first part of the furnishings and bathroom were dirty and then cleaning detergent sprinkled on the surface of bathroom furniture and bathroom the other part will save time because in this phase required a pause so that cleaning detergents work well. This pause time so that we can use to clean the bathroom in the other and then after that the cleaning part.
Surface Cleaning Parts And Bathroom Furniture
1. Clean the walls, windows and Ceiling Bathroom
Bathroom Cleaning Tips
Spray a solution of water and bleach / disinfection on the surface of the ceiling if there is mold and let stand for a few minutes. Perform the same steps to the wall if the wall is coated with ceramic or use other cleaning products. Rub the surface of the ceramic walls that have been sprayed liquid with a sponge or a clean cloth with caution in order to avoid scratches or defects due to certain ingredients do not withstand strong pressure. Rinse carefully so that no scratch stain and then wipe to dry.
2. Clean Shower Bathroom
Bathroom Cleaners Powerful
Use cleaners and spray on the shower and then set aside some time and then scrub with a sponge. To clear a clogged shower holes can be done by opening the shower head and then clean it with a brush. When the stubborn crust can be soaked in vinegar overnight and then brushed in the morning. At the time of cleaning the shower do not use harsh cleaning agents or stiff brush because it will hurt the surface layer colors to fade shower or shower.
3. Cleaning the sink
Descaling Bathroom
To clean the sink can be done with cleaning fluid and then rub with a sponge. To clean the faucet and sink near the surface of the faucet can use a toothbrush and toothpaste and then brush the stain attached to the surface of the sink faucet and around the taps. For cleaning the sink ceramic parts should use a soft brush so that maximum results because sometimes this section there are stains or fungi are difficult to clean.
4. Clean the Bathroom Mirror
Cleaning The Bathroom Mirror
Clean the mirrors can be done with liquid glass cleaner sprayed on the glass and then rub with a sponge repeatedly until clean or using special cleaning glass with rubber blades for the results of more shiny and dry using a clean cloth. Keep in mind not to press too hard so that the mirror glass bathroom glass did not break, because the glass bathroom in general is not thick.
5. Clean the Bathroom Toilet
Descaling Bathroom
To the outside toilets use a cleanser and scrub with a sponge to clean the stain and dry the exterior with a cloth. Make sure the entire outer surface of a clean toilet stains and mildew before rinse with water. Clean and rinse the entire outer surface of the toilet, including the bottom and sides, the top and bottom of the base and lid holder, with a rag and detergent or similar cleaners.
Descaling The Shower Powerful
Then to the inside of the toilet is cleaned by scrubbing using a special brush that we have previously toilet flush toilet cleaning fluid. In cleaning the toilet is given special attention by putting the entire periphery of the lip part in the toilet. After the flush toilet with water so that the crust and stains wasted. It should be noted that all parts of the toilet is clean the inside in order to avoid the smell in the bathroom.
6. Clean the Bathroom Floor
Cleaning The Bathroom Tiles
To clean the bathroom floor at the start of the corner of the door. Sweep all the dust and dirt results clean the parts bathroom and let it fall to the floor, then mop using a solution of soapy water and bleach. Noteworthy to rinse the floor with clean water to remove the remains slippery soap and make sure to clean the sides of the toilet that is connected with the floor. Because this part is often dirty and there were stains.
Maintaining Cleanliness Bathroom With How To Use With Wisdom
In maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom to note the following: 
Cleaning The Bathroom Floor

1. Dry Shower After Used
By doing this will prevent mold from growing on the shower so the shower is always clean from crust and stains.
2. Maintain tidiness Bathroom
With discipline always keep a tidy bathroom after using the bathroom will look neat and clean, so if found little dirty or stain can be instantly detected and cleaned immediately.
3. Always Clean sink From Former Toothpaste
By always Clean former stray brush your teeth at the sink, the sink will be spared from the fungus and the crust that is difficult to clean.
Additional information can be read as a previous article Bathroom Design and Modern Minimalist Bathroom Interior Design Minimalist. Good tips on how to clean the bathroom above is useful.

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