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Examples of Ceramic Bathroom Minimalist

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Examples of Ceramic Bathroom Minimalist

Examples of Ceramic Bathroom MinimalistCeramic bathroom is one of the basic components in a bathroom layout. Minimalist bathroom requires a special ceramic for the shower because the bathroom condition that requires a ceramic coating to the walls and floor of the bathroom. Motif bathroom tiles we can choose according to taste and the concept of our minimalist house. To more clearly determine minimalist ceramic bathroom right we need to know the needs of it's own bathroom tiles and bathroom ceramics characteristics are used.
bathroom tile designs
Type Ceramic Bathroom
Ceramic bathroom divided into two groups, namely tiles for bathroom wall and floor tiles for the bathroom. Ceramic wall between the bathroom and the bathroom tiles are usually the producers have made with designs and motifs were paired so harmonious when it has installed in the bathroom.
1. Ceramic Bathroom Wall
Ceramic tile bathroom wall is designed specifically for use on bathroom wall by the ceramic manufacturer. Bathroom tiles for walls have a smooth and shiny surface. For ceramic bathroom wall has length and width are not the same (not square). Size of the bathroom tiles also vary for example bathroom tiles for wall sections with a size of 20 x 25 or 33 × 45. For motifs and sizes of ceramic bathroom wall can be determined according to taste and the concept of minimalist home.

2. Floor Bathroom
Bathroom tiles is a kind of ceramic that is designed specifically for the bathroom floor. Ceramic floor bathroom has a special characteristic rough surface coating and abrasive. This is necessary because the bathroom floor wet and exposed to potentially slippery as soap. Therefore, the bathroom tiles are designed with rough and abrasive surface so that people using the bathroom can avoid slipping in the bathroom. For the size of the bathroom tiles also varies No measuring 20 × 20, 33 × 33 or other sizes. Motive and the size of the bathroom tiles diverse so it can be adjusted to taste and design our minimalist bathroom.
Size Ceramic Bathroom
Size of the bathroom tiles between the bathroom tiles and ceramic bathroom wall is different because of the ceramic bathroom wall is made rectangular with a view to reducing the risk of installation errors so that his motives are not met. Then the bathroom tiles made with square size due to gain on each side of the ceramic harmony between the bathroom tiles and ceramic bathroom walls can meet each other harmoniously. Therefore, for ceramic shower wall with a size of 20 × 25 then the bathroom tiles used are 20 × 20 or for ceramic bathroom wall the size of 33 × 45 tile bathroom floor right is the size of 33 × 33.
Examples of Ceramic Bathroom Minimalist
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Bathroom ceramic pictures above are options and you can use to organize your bathroom. Examples of tiling above the bathroom we gather as an idea or a reference for you in arranging minimalist bathroom you use the right bathroom tiles.

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